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How to Give

Text "give" to (833) 473 - 5070

1. Mail Us a Check

Make it out to: "Westside Vineyard Church"


5656 SW Humphry Blvd

Portland, OR 97221

2. Have Your Bank Mail Us a Check 

Banks don't charge for this.

If you don't know how to do this CLICK HERE.

3. Give with a Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Account

(Please designate your giving on form, defaults to Tithe)

Processing fees are optional

Click Here to Give Online

Send Checks to Us through Bill Pay

You may be able to call your bank and have them set it up for you.  If an account number is required just do "12345".

Setup Bill Pay on Your Bank's Phone App

1. Open your Bank's App and click on Bill Pay.  Example Below


2. Click the "New" or "+" button.  Select company.  Then fill it out with our information.

Westside Vineyard Church

5656 SW Humphrey Blvd

Portland, OR 97221


Account Number: 12345 (If required, number doesn't matter)


3. Select "Westside Vineyard Church" from list of bill pay companies.  Enter Amount, Date and Memo (enter designation here).  Then click pay. See below


4. Contact your bank if you still have issues.

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